Payment Intent & Receipts

A walkthrough of marking receipt of payments on orders

November 30, 2022
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You can always follow along by opening the DQ Pro app, and mirroring the actions in the steps below.

Step 1: Add items to the cart

Add the required items to cart and tap "Confirm Payment"

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Step 2: Make a payment intent

If your guest wishes to pay with cash, card or you want to comp the item, select the appropriate option at checkout.

Note that the "collect" option will only appear for Manager-level and BOH users.

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Step 3: Add the receipt of a payment

If an order requires payment to be collected, the value and method icon will not be illuminated when you view the order in the "Orders Tab".

Tap on the payment amount to add the receipt of a payment.

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BOH or Manager View
Step 4: Add a payment receipt

To add the receipt, tap on the payment method and ensure the "Collect" option is selected.

If you wish to split the payment into multiple instalments, select 'Split Payment" from the top right.

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Step 5: Confirm Receipt

Each payment receipt, method and amount will appear in the payment history. You can reverse repayments by swiping left on the receipt.

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Step 6: Complete Payments

When an order is fully paid, the payment badge will be illuminated green.

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