Placing your first order using DQ Pro.

November 4, 2022
Get Started

You can always follow along by opening the DQ Pro app, and mirroring the actions in the steps below.

Step 1

Click on the table within the Tables tab. If the table is not yet open, swipe left and tap"OPEN". Enter a guest name for the table.

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Step 2

Add any items you need to order to your cart. You can view more detail by clicking on the item.

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Step 3

Select the "View Cart" button, to view the cart details

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Step 4

Confirm the cart price, and items, you can edit items, and add notes if you wish. If the item is $0, you can submit without choosing a payment method.

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Step 5

Tap "Payment" to review payment options.

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Step 6

Some payment methods (Like QR-Code Pay) require additional steps by your guest.

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Step 7

If the payment method is a QR Code Pay, the guest must scan the QR code and confirm the order using Apple or Google Pay.

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Dispense View
Step 8

Once the order is submitted, it will appear at dispense. dispense will collect payment if required and your order will be brought out.

Live activity notifications will provide realtime updates on your lock screen.

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