How TREAT works

A high level walkthrough of the TREAT process

November 7, 2022
Get Started

You can always follow along by opening the DQ Pro app, and mirroring the actions in the steps below.

Influencer & Event Organiser
Step 1

Validate your cell phone number to get started.

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Step 2

Tap "START A TREAT LINK" to make your link. Leave a note for your friends or followers and decide if you want to be featured on the venue site.

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Step 3

Share your link. You can copy the URL to post to a story.

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Treat Purchaser View
Step 4

Choose the TREAT you want to give. Leave a message, or remain anonymous if you wish. You card will be held until the TREAT is accepted.

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Venue Manager View
Step 5

TREATs will appear as notifications on your home screen. Approve when the guest is at their table. Decline if you cannot find or serve them. The TREAT will not be charged.

Staff View
Influencer or Event Organiser View
Step 6

Keep an eye out. You'll be notified twice: first, when the TREAT is accepted and again when it's on it's way to you. Don't forget to capture the moment!

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