Ms Collins

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Use case :  Nightclubs, Staff-led service

About the venue

Located in the Central Business District, Ms Collins is one of Melbourne’s best known nightclub and event spaces. The venue boasts seven unique bars and twelve function spaces across three levels.  On it’s club nights, MS Collins is known for vibrant entertainment and best-in-class show service for its VIP guests.

The Situation

This spectacular venue prides itself service quality, especially for those who have the privilege of enjoying their VIP booth packages.  Speed of service is of particular importance here: guests expect mixers to be topped up, fresh glasses to appear promptly and bottles to be delivered in an instant.  Ms Collins is regularly at full capacity and, as such, movement and communication between cocktail servers and the dispense points is restricted.  In addition, radio congestion hampers communication between management and security.

How DQ helped:

Ms Collins used DQ pro to overcome two key operational challenges:

1.    Order and service turnaround: Using the DQ Pro app, cocktail waitstaff are able to request bottles, consumables and other service items as required. This allows them to remain in their booth and stay focussed on guest relationships and service.  Orders are routed to dispense areas where they are prepared and delivered to the guest.

2.    Incident Response: To overcome radio congestion, staff use DQ Pro to request management and security support, or to summon a waiter to assist with duties like clean up or replenishment.  DQ Pro offers an auditable solution to track and respond to incidents quickly.

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