About us

We've been innovating for the late-night sector for over 8 years. From the first ever contactless ordering system to our industry leading TREAT offering, we're passionate about helping the world's best venues deliver unsurpassed VIP experiences.

DQ handling onboarding in an LA venue
DQ handling onboarding in a London Venue
DQ handling venue in an Australian venue.
DQ onboarding for 2 days in LA

Our mission

Innovate with the world's leading venues to help them deliver faster, safer and more profitable VIP experiences.

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Empowered teams

Helping VIP operating teams overcome poor visibility radio static and crowded dance floors to deliver best in class service.

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Data-driven operations

From audit logs that prevent fraud, to reports that pinpoint service bottlenecks, DQ provides managers with data-driven facts to operate better.

Meet the team

The faces powering the platform that's transforming nightclubs around the globe.

Our Partners

Our values

Guided by the values we believe set us apart.

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We believe that best practice comes from openness to new ways of working. We work in a partnership with our customers, not only to share best practice, but also build upon what they are already doing better than others.

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Poor lighting, music and crowds make running a nightlife business hard enough. We use data to create complete transparency and help teams make good decisions.

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We believe that if it requires explanation, it's not simple. We're constantly simplifying our software to make it effortless to use.

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You're running a nightlife business. It goes without saying that our support team works while you're working.

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We believe that innovation arrives though constant experimentation. We challenge our beliefs constantly to ensure we never get left behind.