Enjoy less time between orders

DQ is the ordering system used inside venues. Let your guests browse the menu, order and pay instantly at their table on their own device, with no download needed. Available with table service or collection from the bar.

Get drinks fast,

and  safely.

Place orders for drinks and food from your mobile phone while inside your favourite venue. Minimise handling of menus, POS and staff.

No Download

Let your guests browse the menu and pay through the browser on their own mobile phone.

High Tech. Low Touch

Great service, from a safe distance.

Seamless Checkout

Payment is authorised and confirmed instantly on ordering.

Deals & Specials

Showcase current specials, and promotions front and centre.


DQ makes it effortless to order another round. No app required: guests simply scan, order and pay using their own phone.


When the order is ready, an SMS will let you know. Either pick it up at the bar, or have it delivered to your table!


When it’s time for another round, a few clicks will resend a previous order. With a few more, you can make changes easily.

Next Level

Table Service

Deliver table service at scale with the DQ Table Service Upgrade. Empower front and back of house to deliver the highest level of service, maximising customer satisfaction, safety and value.

Self-service from anywhere in your venue

Tag tables and service areas so that guests can launch the menu, order and pay using their own device.  No download. No contact. Simple.

More efficient preparation at dispense

Fulfil orders quickly and deploy bar staff to the right place in the venues without delay. A three-stage bump screen helps dispense team manage, prepare and deliver orders and service items

DQ - Back of House Screen

Real time oversight of your service team

Maintain oversight of your dispense queue on the go. Respond quickly to alerts and view an audit trail of booth consumption.

Bump Screen

A three-step bump screen to let the dispense team manage, prepare and deliver orders to the tables without confusion.

Point of Sale Integration

DQ integrates with most major POS systems to consolidate inventory management, reconciliation and reporting.

Multi-zone configurability

Divide large venues into zones with groupings of tables and individual dispense.

Reporting and Analytics

A source of truth for table consumption. Report on both guest and team performance.

Contactless payment at the table

Tap, swipe or chip payments can be taken at the table using DQ.

Panic button

Panic and paging buttons summon security, management or a busser quickly and discretely, ensuring rapid responses and a feeling of safety.

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