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Get Started with the most powerful bottle service software with 2 nights of personal onboarding in your venue.

Frequently Asked Questions

Quick answers about how DQ works and integrates with your venue. Cant find what your
looking for? Send us a message!

What kind of results will we get from using DQ?

DQ supports VIP teams (managers, runners, waiters & hosts) to overcome the normal obstacles they face daily: poor visibility, loud music and crowds. Venues who use DQ observe higher up-sell rates, increased speed of service and less administration.

Is there any support with set up?

Yes! We tackle a lot of the grunt work to make implementation easy. We'll set up the menu & venue and provide in-person training.  We'll remain on-site with you until you're comfortable you've got it under control.

Do we need to buy expensive hardware?

No. DQ has been designed to run on the hardware you already use. A tablet is required in the dispense area, but we recommend staff use DQ on their own cell phones.

Are we locked-in to a contract?

No. You can cancel any time and only pay for what you have used. We provide the first month at our expense, so you can try DQ risk free.

Are your payments PCI Compliant?

Yes. We use only PCI complaint payment processors (for example, Stripe and Square) and do not store credit card information on our servers.

Can you integrate with my POS?

We support integration with a broad range of POS Systems. You can find a list of these on our home page. We're constantly evaluating new integration partners, so if yours isn't listed, please contact us..

How does POS integration work?

Capabilities range depending on the point of sale (POS) provider, but generally we can sync your menu, pricing and submit orders and tabs created through DQ

Do I need to integrate my POS to use DQ?

No. DQ operates perfectly as a standalone system and this is the preference of many of our partners. We provide extensive reporting to help you with inventory control and financial reconciliation.

What is ŤREAT?

ŤREAT lets friends make planned or spontaneous gestures of gifts from your venue, from anywhere in the world. ŤREAT users create a personal URL and share it directly or via their social media, inviting friends and to buy for them and see the gift delivered in real-time.

How is ŤREAT priced?

We get paid when you get paid. Accepted ŤREATs incur a commission which is deducted when the buyer's card is charged. If you reject, or don't accept a ŤREAT, there's no fee to you.

How does ŤREAT handle privacy of information?

We take the privacy of your guests seriously. ŤREAT users can choose to share as much or as little as they wish.  They may opt in to a public list for broader exposure, or share their link only with friends or loved ones.  Upon cancellation, a link is instantly deleted from the web.

What if I need to reject a ŤREAT

You are in control. If for some reason you can't deliver a ŤREAT (for example, the guest may have left or is intoxicated) you can reject it. If you reject the ŤREAT, the buyer's card will not be charged and the recipient will never know a ŤREAT was sent for them.

How does DQ Support our business?

We understand that you're trading outside regular business hours, so we support you when you are trading. We're available around the clock to attend to questions and issues. We are also available to train new staff members in the use of DQ as required.

What types of support do you provide?

For urgent matters, you can call or SMS us directly and we'll attend to you within minutes. For non-urgent questions, we're available via email or phone call during business hours. You can also consult our knowledge base for answers to frequent questions.

At what times can I contact you?

We understand that you're trading outside regular business hours, so we support you when you are trading. We're available around the clock to attend to questions and issues.

Does DQ ever go down?

We're proud to boast an uptime of 99.999%.