Better Service requires Better Communication

Sick of Crazy Group chats, find out why DQ

Better Service requires Better Communication

Over the last 5 years we've scoured the best nightlife hotspots in the world, looking for best practice in VIP teams to improve our product.  During that time, one tool has appeared more than any other: WhatsApp.

I should qualify that I'm a huge fan of the popular chat platform and use  it daily for international communication, and informal chats amongst friends and family.  But if you're using one of these  messengers to coordinate VIP operations, you're probably leaving money (and client retention) on the table.

Here's why:

1. Unclosed Loops

Whether it's chat or radio, this should be familiar:  rapid communication from the front lines with long lags between BOH and Manager responses.

Why? Because the client facing staff are under fire and management is already dealing with 99 other problems.

The problem is that chat apps aren't checklists:

It's fine to chime in on the group chat at the end of the day, but in a four hour service window you have to know all the details instantly: Was that bottle sent? Who took it? Which table was it? When was it done? Why are they still asking for it.

2. Not all tasks are equal

One of the most obvious limitations of a chat is the equal prominence of every message in a time-based flow.

There are only two ways to handle this:  (A) Either you tackle your service requests with a first in, first out approach and potentially reach critical events too late; or (B) you jump between messages based on importance and neglect your guests.

Should a request for a toilet break obscure a desperate call for security, just because it has more emojis?  Probably not, but all too often it does.

3. Zero Stock Control

Although the chat flow might give us a sense of control, it won't help you when a client complains about being under served, or not getting the bottle they were charged for.

As table hosts scream for champagne, shots and processions, we can only hope that someone is entering sales into the POS.... cut to the VIP manager desperately clutching EFT receipts in one hand as they wearily trawl through four hours of chat to find answers.

What is the alternative?

You've probably known that this was coming...  DQ Pro brings together the best parts of chat platforms, radio, POS and payment terminals, without the downsides:

  • Structured communication amongst those who need to know about or act on something. Real-time status and ownership creates transparency between teams.
  • Better Incident Response through alerts that actually reach the attention of management and security.
  • Stock Control through POS integration, reporting and in-app payments.
  • Complete Accountability created through detailed and searchable audit logging of every interaction during service.
  • Insights on the metrics that matter. See your team's average order turnaround throughout the night, and close up to a visual trade summary with revenue breakdown, stock and order detail.

Why not give it a shot?  The first month is free and there's no obligation to continue if you don't feel you're getting value (we're pretty confident you will).