Building VIP Teams for High-End Bottle Service Centric Nightclubs

Building VIP Teams for High-End Bottle Service Centric Nightclubs

Building VIP Teams for High-End Bottle Service Centric Nightclubs

Building a VIP team is integral to the operation of high-end bottle service centric nightclubs. It ensures that the club offers the best experience to its VIP clientele, establishing an exclusive and premium atmosphere. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to create an efficient and effective VIP team:

1. Understand Your Needs

As a rule of thumb, each VIP team should have one manager and one bar-back, with one or two booth hosts (bottle attendants) servicing every four VIP booths. It's crucial to get a clear picture of your VIP section's layout and capacity, as this will determine the number of teams you'll need.

2. Assembling The Right Team

Recruiting the right staff is essential. Look for candidates who not only have the required skills but also fit the club's culture and can provide exceptional service to your VIP clientele.

Manager: The VIP manager should have strong leadership skills, excellent communication, and a good understanding of the club and bottle service industry. They need to handle customer complaints, ensure a seamless service, and manage the team effectively.

Bar Back or Busser: The bar back should have good organizational skills and be able to work efficiently under pressure. They should be focussed on supporting the booth host to keep the table in "arrival state" at all times: clean glasses, fresh ice, topped up mixers. VIP bar backs should never roam the floor. Instead, they should attend to the proactive requests of the booth hosts.

Booth hosts (Bottle Attendants): The most important role in the bottle service ecosystem. Booth hosts should be personable, engaging and possess excellent customer service skills. They will serve and interact directly with VIP clients, so a good understanding of the menu and the ability to suggest drinks based on client preferences are essential. They must also act to anticipate guest needs, for example, is the ice or lemonade running low.

3. Training Your Team

Once your team is in place, the next step is training them to ensure they deliver a VIP experience.

Product Knowledge: Every team member should be trained on the club's offerings, including the menu, special promotions, events, and more. They should be able to answer any customer query confidently.

Service Training: VIP service should be seamless, efficient, and unobtrusive. Train your team on the best ways to interact with VIP clients, serve drinks, handle requests, and escalate complaints.

Teamwork: Promote a culture of teamwork and cooperation. When every team member knows their role and how they fit into the bigger picture, they're more likely to work effectively together.

Consider a nightly pre-service briefing to cover off the items above and prepare your team for the night ahead.

4. Scheduling and Overseeing Your Teams

Ensure that each VIP section always has the necessary personnel. Your VIP manager should create a schedule that balances the needs of the business with the well-being of the team.

Overseeing your teams means more than just managing them during operational hours. It involves regular meetings to address any issues, recognize good performance, and keep the team updated on any changes.

5. Regular Assessment and Improvement

Finally, continuously assess your VIP team's performance. Use customer feedback, observations, and team input to identify areas of improvement. Then, implement relevant training or adjustments to continually enhance the VIP experience.

Remember, a well-assembled and high-performing VIP team can significantly contribute to the success of your high-end bottle service centric nightclub. It's about getting the right people, equipping them with the necessary skills, and maintaining high standards of service

We can help.

As always, the way you apply the points above will depend on your venue and clientele. DQ offers a VIP Playbook to support venues to implement and optimize operations. If you want to lift the price if your VIP packages, uplift service quality or embed an offering from scratch, we're be happy to advise you.