Complete Guest Visiblity

Whenever you use DQ, you're capturing valuable information about your guests. Here's how to find out what they drink, what music they love and what makes them spend.

Complete Guest Visiblity

Whenever you use DQ, you're capturing valuable information about your guests. Here's how to find out what they drink, what music they love and what makes them spend.

Ensuring your staff know their customers

When guests are seated, ideally, their waiter knows them already and remembers what they like to drink, along with the preferences of everyone on their booking. Using DQ for operations means every VIP can have the first class experience, even when they are being taken care of by someone who's never served them before or even worked in your venue. Here's how.

When seating a booking, tap on the guest's name then go to the Metrics tab. You can also get to this page by going to View Guest on the top right "three dot" menu at a table.

In this example we can see the guest is one of the top spenders in the venue, but hasn't been in for a while. We can also see they usually go for Belvedere, and also sometimes rum, so the server can suggest one of these as an upsell.

Reengaging guests

The same data which is available in service is even more powerful for finding and engaging guests who would be excited about upcoming events or promotions.

  1. Go to the Guest page in the DQ CMS. This will show you all the guests for whom you have contact details.
  1. Click Add Filter. We can filter on any tags defined in the system, as well metrics like lifetime spend, visit frequency, etc. In this example we want to find guests who have spent more than $500 on Tequila.
  1. Tap on a particular guest to see their full profile. If you go to the Metrics tab of the guest's profile you can even see why a tag was applied.

You can use as many filters as you like to find the right guests to engage. Has a bourbon company got a new product to promote with some giveaways? Perhaps you've booked a big EDM act and want to reach out to everyone who has spent big at past EDM shows, but hasn't been seen two months. Guest insights let you do this and more, using data you're already capturing as you use DQ.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I see about my guests?

Guest insights surfaces data from the following:

  • What a guest has ordered (both included in a package and upsells).
  • What events they attend.
  • Who they book tables with.
  • How much they spend, including breaking it down into bookings, upsells, tip, etc.
  • How often they visit.
  • When they were first and last at your venue.

Where does the data come from?

Guest insight data is automatically drawn from interactions with the DQ system. Starting with placing booking requests and building up a guestlist, through to operations, ordering and payments.

How do I assign tags?

Many valuable insights can be gleaned with zero configuration (for example, a guest's minimum spend, total spend, last visit, etc). Additional flexibility is available using tags, which let you decide what data is relevant to how you run your venue.

To assign a tag to a menu item, simply navigate to it in the CMS and click Item Tags. Make the assignment and click Done, then click Save on the menu item.

For example, if you have the Grey Goose tag assigned to the 70cl, Magnum, Jeroboam and Rehoboam, you can use the tag to locate guests who have spent the most on Grey Goose overall.

Equivalent tools are available for packages, events, bookings and guests directly, all with the CMS.

All guest insight data is completely live, dynamic and accurate up to the second. For example, if you want to know who the biggest spenders on Cognac are but you don't have a Cognac tag or it isn't assigned correctly, you just need to create the tag and assign it to the menu items. You can then filter guests by Cognac spend - all historical orders will be considered which contain the newly tagged menu items.

What do I have to do to capture this data?

The feature is enabled for everyone and data is being captured, but the quality of the data depends on your use of the platform.

If you use DQ for managing bookings, the system ensures the person making the booking is properly identified so everything is captured. But if you manage bookings manually or with another system, you will need to recreate those bookings in DQ with the correct phone number of the guest.

For tables sold on the floor, use Complete Guest Profile to find or start the profile for the guest.

Can I change the tags?

Yes, to create, change or remove tags, just log into the DQ CMS and navigate to Settings / Data & Exports / Tags & Groups:

You can create as many tags as you like, however, we do not suggest having more than ten tags of a single type. An advantage of tags in guest insights is the ability to quickly get a big picture view of a guest and their preferences, which is more challenging when there is excessive detail.

What about guestlists?

If you use DQ bookings, guests can add friends to their guestlist, or send them a link so they can add themselves. When bookings are populated in this way (with real people rather than, say, "8 guests"), guest insights is able to show you data about how many people a guest has introduced to your venue, as well as the gender makeup of their friends.

In addition, profiles are populated by being on the guestlist. So if Sophia comes to your venue on the guestlist of Amira and they have Tequila, then another night Sophia books her own table for her friends and orders Vodka, both will contribute towards the taste preferences in her profile.

This tag looks wrong - why is it applied to the guest?

If you navigate to the guest's profile and click on the tag, DQ will tell you why it was applied.

In this example the Champagne tag is being assigned because of a range of orders as well as inclusions on a package. Some of these items are not champagne, so we should remove the tag from those items in the menu in the CMS. The guest tag data will be automatically updated next time we search.