Keeping Dispense moving with Angry Lines

A quick rundown on our latest updates to DQ

Keeping Dispense moving with Angry Lines

Last month we released order turnaround data to venues to show how long it was really taking to serve VIP guests.  This has been a huge hit, but invited the question, "how can we manage this in real-time?"

This month has been about giving dispense teams the tools they need to manage themselves in real-time. Enter, Angry Lines.

We've also continued to modernise our user experience across the BOH bump screen, notifications and log in.

As always, we're excited to hear your feedback!


Angry Lines

In the coming week, we'll be releasing another update to the Orders tab in DQ Pro.

The most notable change here is a mood line below each order which reflects the time it has been waiting since submission.  Here's how it works:

No line: Indicates a <2 min order turnaround.

Orange: Begins to emerge at 2 mins.

Red: At the 6 min mark, orange turns to red, reaching the right side by 12 mins.

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Instant Bumping

The upcoming update contains a significant technical upgrade that makes the Orders tab update instantly, allowing teams sharing the same view across multiple devices to receive real time feedback when an order is moved.

This same update supports drag & drop of order cards on tablet and desktop devices.


Design updates and Bug Fixes

We're constantly improving DQ to make it the best possible user experience.

In the most recent update you'll notice:

  • An improved login and onboarding experience for new users;
  • Modernised push notifications; and
  • Fixes to the map to improve behavior.

More exciting new features to be revealed soon!


Talk to us

As always, if you have feedback on these or requests for any future features, please get in touch by replying to this email.