Best Practice

The DQ Method for bottle service

An outline of a Bottle Service Dispense, with a DQ Bump screen and Bottles.

VIP Playbook

An overview of how DQ creates process

An outline of a bottle service booth and table with a Bottle Bucket in the center

Place orders and request items

Booth hosts never need to leave their section. Pre-paid items and package inclusions are automatically synced can be requested by staff, eliminating the need for complex package spreadsheets, run-sheets and spend reciepts.

Manage payments

Tabs and minimum spend are set and tracked automatically with every order from a table. Credit and deposits can be applied to outstanding balances. and cash or comp requests are escalated to a a manager for secure handling or tracked in the booth.


Designed to get your VIP team off WhatsApp and Radio, DQ uses secure requests to summon management, security or busser support.  Managers can communicate with their teams and note who has taken action when a request is made.

Deliver orders

Orders and table requests appears instantly at dispense. Payments are tracked in-situ and order turnaround is gamified to keep teams focused on pace. With extra time and organization, bussers can be prepared to go where they are needed.

Assign Staff and Manage Bookings

Managers can assign their team to tables and bookings in a single tap at the start of the night.  Every order is linked to the user, making reporting on upsells effortless.  Changes in assignments and communicated through notifications to keep everyone on the same page as changes are made in service.

Manage Guests

Table guest-lists and relevant information are synced between bookings and operations to reduce reliance on spreadsheets. History, preference and notes are available to staff so that they can be as personable as possible.

Organise Spends

Lifetime and average spends are tracked across all visits and sites to help teams identify their VIPs and anticipate their needs.

Announce Arrivals

As a guest checks in at the door, assigned staff know instantly and can be prepared.  Package inclusions, bottle or set-up preferences can be actioned instantly removing package inclusion printouts and manual spend calculation, ensuring the table is ready by the time the guest reaches it.

Organise Bookings

Bookings specifically designed for VIP.  Packages, event information, table availability and guest-list sync with actual inventory to reduce miscommunications between bookers, and operations staff. Customers are kept informed of changes to their booking through email, SMS or wallet notifications.

Sell Booths Online

Events, packages & table availability can be made public so guests can browse and book events online.  DQ handles deposits and guest-lists up front, so the venue has everything they need to approve or decline a booking and conversion rates are maximised.   Customers are given the first class experience they would expect with wallet passes, white label notifications and more.

Comprehensive Data

Guest data is compiled across bookings, service and more to ensure that every experience is optimised. Unlike traditional POS and bookings systems, DQ is a vertical platform spanning the full breadth of the customer experience and collecting guest data at every step.

Promoter Management

Venues that work with promoters can simplify communication and bookings through DQ. A promoter can sell tables and events, manage their bookings and stay updated on their guests’ experience in the venue.